• UFL Connector ini syntax to perform lookup

    Hello,   I'd like to parse the attached simple CSV file to ingest data into PI.  The column SiteID such as "091194-1" specifies the origin of the data.  Is it possible to somehow perform a lookup to ma...
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  • Tracking the time of a variable using filters in AF

    Hi,   We are monitoring the performance of 75 equipments and we would like to track the time that a measured variable (let's call it Var1) of these equipments stayed between its lower (LSL) and higher (HSL) speci...
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  • Why can't I find the ToArray method for a AFElement?

    Hi guys, I'm doing the "Developing Applications with PI AF SDK" course and I'm having trouble building the Applet. In order to display the collection of attributes from the AFElements I need to cast them to an array, ...
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  • AFAttributes.ToArray() changed?

    I'm going thru the Developing Application with the PI AF SDK and when I try to load the attributes in a list box I get the following error:   Error CS1929 'AFAttributes' does not contain a definition for 'ToArray...
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  • PI WebAPI Search with Anonymous access

    Hi, We're trying to use Anonymous authentication but cannot get search results.  The PI WebAPI search crawler has done the index build and the items are in the index, because if we remove the Anonymous access, a...
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  • EF based on user input

    piaf #eventframe pianalysis Hello Everyone,   I want to create an event frame where, when the process value lies in between a value range for more than 'T' hours (T is a variable which can be fed as an i...
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  • PI Vision 2020 security

    Hi,   Sebastien Raposo As per PI Vision-2020, "Sharing Write Access To A Display Give other users on your team Write permission for a display so you can collaborate on the creation and maintenance of a dis...
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  • イベントフレームのバージョン情報について

    PI AFのイベントフレームのデータにはエレメントのようにバージョン情報は存在しないのでしょうか? バージョンという考え方はないと思いますが、作成日や更新日などユーザがデータ変更を行ったかどうかが分かるような情報を取得することはできますか?
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  • ODBC Driver/PIViewでのTest Connection失敗について

    いつもお世話になっております。 PI Integrator for BAにて作成したレコードをBusiness Intelligenceにて参照したい(Microsoft Power BIを想定しています)のですが、参照に用いるODBC driver/pivisionの設定で想定通り進みません。これにあたり複数確認させていただけますでしょうか?   ①PI Integrator for BAを使用してレコード作成後の...
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  • What does PIFD initials means?

    What does PIFD initials means?
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  • what's the ports in PI AF?

    Hello all , As the title , what's the ports in AF? And when ,how to use it ? Thanks a lot.  
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  • PIサーバーへのタグ登録時にデータを縦持ちにできますか

    テクニカルサポートご担当者様   PIサーバーへのタグ登録は、タグ登録名一つ=1カラム、という感じで、その1カラムをタグ登録としてカウントをしているのが現状です。   BIツールや、データ前処理の工夫から、データを縦持ち(Long Data)で持っている方が良いことが多く、現在はPIタグを呼び出したピボットテーブル状のものを、変換して使ったりしておりますが、元のPIデータをLong Dataにして、3-4タ...
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  • .NET Core compatibility

    I was just reading a blog post from Microsoft on the new .NET 5 at Introducing .NET 5 | .NET Blog and it reminded me of an announcement last year regarding AF SDK compatibility with .NET Core. Rick Davin indicated tha...
    John Messinger
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  • Mute Alert After 4 Hrs

    Hello, I'm setting up a notification rule template in Pi AF Server based on an Event Frame Generation. I have the non-repetition interval set to 1 hr. However, there are certain times during the month when this alert ...
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  • Why is the PI Buffer Subsystem included in so many install kits?

    In my PI install kit inheritance post, I show the inheritance of the programs of some of the PI install kits. At the root of it all is the PI Buffer Subsystem install kit. My understanding is that the PI Buffer Subsys...
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  • Where is the Lesson 1 PI Server Installation Kit on PIINT1?  I only have the 3 installation kits from Lesson 3 in Course Folder\Install Kits.

    I don't see the server install anywhere or how to get a license as is stated in the instructions.  
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  • AF Element version update

    In order to maintain a version control in PI AF, we are creating new version whenever we are updating any static attributes, tags, calculation and Notification in PI AF. Its working well as we expected.   All th...
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  • 親・子イベントフレームについて

    お世話になっております。   子イベントフレームを生成し、その名前に開始トリガー名を設定しています。 (例)イベントフレームテンプレートにて    名づけパターン「%ELEMENT%:%@バッチID%:%@工程%」    と設定し、「工程」属性に開始トリガー名が格納されるように設定。   この場合、親イベントフレームの名前にも工程名が設定され、最初の子イベントフレームと同じ名前に なってしまいますが...
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  • UFL Connector to parse NESTED XML

    Hello,   I'm wondering if it is possible (or practical) to parse the attached *nested* XML file.  I'd like to concatenate the 'description' attribute from each nested 'area' element separated by a...
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  • Connect to Oracle DB with RDBMS interface

    Hi.   I am trying to set up an RDBMS instance, and when I try to set up the database connection (DSN) with Microsoft Oracle ODBC, I get the following error:     I have installed the latest version o...
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