• Allow Extensions PI AF

    What's the exact purpose of allow extension in PI AF and what are the impact of it being unchecked after templates and elements based on those templates are created
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  • Event Frame Templates - Data references to attributes in other elements

    I am creating an event frame template.I want to reference an attribute in an element that is not the primary referenced element. In this example, the primary referenced element is Extrusion_Head. I want to referen...
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  • Web api is there a way to obtain asset database by name or path - Example please

    In pi web API we see that we can call search AssetDatabase by name  with  piwebapi/search/sources?name=af:myname ... as related in this document  GetSources GET search/sources  ...
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  • Re: PI AFのAnalysisの計算nituite

    Takashi Kobayashi Takashi様   追加の情報、ありがとうございます。 計算周期についての認識に誤りがあり、すみませんでした。   データについて確認させていただきました。 どうも60倍になっているような印象があります。 もしかすると正しく単位が認識できていない気がします。 それにより、コンバージョンファクターに影響が発生しているかもしれません。   分析の計算式の...
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  • Unable to power on Instance

    I have never powered on any cloud machine still I get this error
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  • Data Backfill Options & Considerations

    Hi all, We need to do a one-time ingest of a large volume of time-series data spread across a large number of CSV files (there will likely be one file per tag) into a single PI Data Archive server. While some of the ...
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  • How to help improve a PI program without ever using it

    In my previous blog post, I showed you how to run a PI blog and rise to PI Square fame, even if you don't know much about PI. To become an international celebrity, we must take our ignorance to new places. Next stop:&...
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  • Strange exception processing PI tag

    One of our applications that scans through PI AF models gathering information is hitting a rather odd exception that looks like the PI server itself might be misconfigured somehow. The stack trace is:   OSIsoft....
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  • ***My blog's table of contents***

    What do you do when you've bought a lot of junk? You buy even more stuff: you buy shelves to organize your junk. (No, we're not about to have a yard sale. We like our junk. )   This blog post is the shelf f...
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  • OPC UA Connector data conversion

    Since today i coverting missmatching data using attributes squareroot/totalcode/convers with the opc da interface. Now we mirate to opc ua connector. Ist there a embeded function implement the same functionality...
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  • PI Theory: Bitmasks & netmasks explained

    To my knowledge, PI System Management Tools is the only PI program where administrators will encounter bitmasks or netmasks. The parts of PI System Management Tools that deal with bitmasks or netmasks are: Some tunin...
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  • Slightly editing the timebar

    Slightly editing the timebar PI Vision timebar is a convenient way to navigate through your data and provides common time increments that useful for most of our users. But, we do have many users that tend to operate o...
    Jerome Lefebvre
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  • Introductions and Brainstorm Use Cases

    You can use the following questions as guidelines to structure your post: What's your name, role and company? What industry are you in? Does your company  already use the PI System? If so, do you know how it's...
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  • PI Security Suggestion Compilation

    Part of a PI administrator's job is to make sure that the PI system is as reasonably secure as possible. However, sometimes, it is PI itself that must be made more secure. This post compiles many of the security-...
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  • Links to mobile displays

    How can I create links to mobile displays? I can navigate to a mobile ad hoc display but the url doesn't update to any unique form for the specific page ( it ends in '/m/#element').   The option to share vi...
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  • PI Vision - Problem with Edge and dash-bordered shapes

    Hi all, PI Vision fans !   Does anyone know why Microsoft Edge doesn't allow you to revert back to plain line borders, once you've added a dashed border to a shape ?   You can easily redo this anomaly, and...
    Cédric Canguilhem
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  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) - A helpful indicator of "Noisy" PI Points

    Signal-To-Noise (SNR) Ratio A helpful indicator of "Noisy" PI Points   PREFACE Any comments \ corrections or recommendations about the contents of this blog will be appreciated.  If you found this bl...
    Moshe Sabag
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  • what's the wrong?

    I think the expression is simple and reasonable. I wonder what's the wrong?   I can't finger out.
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  • Who's from which industry?

    Participate in the poll and share with us the industry you're working from.
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  • RDBMS query to extract batchID from string

    I tried to create a test tag with the following query:    SELECT  substring(Desc2, 26, 4) cast(STRING as binary) FROM Journal WHERE Event_Type='EVENT' AND Module='B89F1-BATCHID' ORDER BY Date_Time DESC...
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