Exercise 3: Create analyses to calculate OEE metrics

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Now it’s your turn to configure a few expression-type analyses for your process. You can complete this exercise by using the "PI Big Tires Company" AF Database supplied in the Cloud Environment as well as an XML file zipped below. If you do not wish to use the database provided, then you can create an OEE calculation on your own processes.


Problem Description:

As a consultant for a tire manufacturing company, PI Big Tires Co., you help create a smarter AF structure; your client wants to have more insight on his operations by taking advantage of the calculation and analytics features provided by the PI System. The tire curing presses are an essential part of the production process and currently, there is a lack of key performance metrics; your client wants you to start working on this section of the factory.


The goal is to find your daily Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric for the presses at the company. The time frame for these calculations should be from today at midnight (‘T’ in PI time) until now (‘*’ in PI Time).

Here is the definition for each part of the OEE metrics:






Percentage of time that an equipment is up and running

Operating Time / Planned Production Time


Actual yield to the target yield

Total pieces / Target


Percentage of good units that are produced

Good pieces / Total Pieces




On the HOU.Press.01 (under the Houston element) configure an analysis called OEE that uses 4 variables (Availability, Performance, Quality, OEE) to calculate your daily OEE metric.

  • Hint for Availability: The press is considered to be operating when the Press Status attribute has the value of “Running”, and the planned production time is all day, every day.
  • Hint for Performance: Total pieces are only the Good tires produced and the Production Target attribute designates the target value.
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