Exercise 2

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Exercise 2 -

Think about a few assets or subsystems you would like to model and consider the following when selecting a top-down versus bottom-up approach:

  • What type of data do I want in my model? - PI tags for monitoring and building calculations; metadata from a relational source to add context (for example, name plate or maintenance data such as install date, manufacturer); KPIs or other calculated data that measure performance
  • Do I have multiple instances of this asset?
  • Does this asset fall into a more general class when using the "as is" test. For example - A centrifugal pump IS A pump; A pump IS A piece of powered equipment


Select one or two assets or subsystems that meet as many of the above criteria as possible. For each, describe the data available and what you wish to accomplish by modeling the asset(s) in PI AF. If the last item is applicable, then make a hierarchy of asset descriptions from most generic to most specific. You can discuss the exercise with the facilitator before proceeding.