What are Spaces/Sub-Spaces/Groups?

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In your PI Square community, there are places you go to collaborate. These places are generally named for a specific topic or purpose. There are 2 main types of places in use - spaces and groups. Alternatively you can also use your personal container.

Each place can contain multiple types of content including discussions, documents, blog posts, polls and other content types.



Spaces are created by administrators in a specific hierarchy. Users are granted permissions to each content type in the space to foster role-based collaboration. These are generally more structured places and useful for permissions based on larger sections of users.


PI Square Spaces:


     All things PI

This space is the general forum and is also where OSIsoft Technical Support will keep watch to help answer questions.

     PI Developers Club

This space provides developers with tools and support they need to develop applications for the PI System. While the support and content is offered within this community, links to some other external resources such as install kits are available here.

     Master PI 

This space allows you to take Online Learning courses, ask questions about online and in person courses, learn about webinars, and provide you with tools to continue building your PI knowledge. Come here to Master PI!

     Welcome! Discover PI Square

This space is the space where you can find out how to navigate around the community, learn about community functionality, and ask questions you don't know where they should go.


PI Square Sub-Spaces:

Sub-spaces are like chapters in a book - they are the parts that make the space. You can add questions, discussions, and other content at the space level, or sub-space level.

For example: If you have a specific question about PI Server. You would go to All things PI > PI Server, and ask your question in the PI Server subspace.

                      If you want to start a discussion on what product would be extremely helpful, or ask a question about licensing, you would ask it directly under "All things PI".

To see what sub-spaces are available in a site:

      1. Go the space you want (Click Spaces on the top menu)
      2. Click Subspaces and Projects in the Grey menu under the name of the space you are in.

               TIP: If you don't know where you are, there are always grey breadcrumbs under the main blue menu bar which gives you your location.


NOTE: When you are creating new content (question, discussion, etc.), if you are already in a place, it will auto populate for you, but you can change it, or you may have to select the space or sub-space you are interested in.


Groups are created by admins, but any user can request one be created for them.  Each group stands alone in a flat structure. Users can join or be invite people to the group to help collaborate. Groups use team-based collaboration where all members of the group have equal rights to the content.