How to Use Categories

Document created by Jarita Sirois on Nov 21, 2014
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For more information on what a category is, see What are Categories.


What's the difference between a tag and a category?

Categories are location specific and tags span across the entire community. This allows administrators to layout an organization structure within a space or group to help you find all content on a particular topic.


What if I want a category that isn't there?

Make sure to tag your content and feel free to ask for one! Create a discussion or ask a question and we can talk about getting it added for you.


Will you do something with the category information?

Yes! The PI Square administrator team uses this category information to know if there is enough content to create a new group or a new space.

For example: If we see there are a lot of members adding Industry: Power and Utilities to their discussions and content, we will discuss with you (the PI Square community) about what you would like to see around this topic and then decide if a collaboration group is a good fit for what you need or if we should create a space around it.


I didn't add any categories, but when I looked at my post, it now has a category on it.

When either a Tech Support engineer or PI Square administrator read your content, it was clear to us that it would fit nicely into one or more category searches so we may add the category for you. It will allow other users to see your content and hopefully get it more visibility.


I don't see a category that applies - do I have to select one?

No, you don't have to select any. Just select any that apply.