Exercise 3

Version 2

    Add support for notifications


    Objective: Modify exercise 2 to find all the notifications and the notification instances within a specified period of time and a selected element.


    In this exercise, you are first going to create a Notification Template to detect when the temperature of the city template is above two different levels. This means that you also need to create two different states (High and Very High for example) as shown in the video lectures. The state High should have a Normal priority and the state Very High should have a High Priority.

    Create five notifications from the notification template - one of each city and start them.

    Modify exercise 2, adding a button called View Notifications.

    Picture 4.png

    After clicking on this new button, a new Form will open showing all the notifications related to the selected element / city. Once the notification is selected, it should be possible to view all the notification instances / results of the selected notification by selecting a period of time, as shown in the example below:

    Picture 5.png