How to purchase a PI Developers Club membership? How to consume a voucher? How do I renew?

Version 31

    Purchasing new subscriptions


    Q: Is there anything I need to know before I start?

    A: Before you proceed, we recommend you to review PI Developers Club FAQ to learn more about PI Developers Club program. You will also need a Single-Sign-On (SSO) account with OSIsoft. Please see What do I need to know about SSO accounts? if you don't have one already.


    Q: Where do I start?

    A: Please open a web browser and point it to PI Developers Club. Locate your Membership Status on the right hand side of the page. The following statuses are possible:


    What you seeMeaning
    Not Signed in.jpgYou are not signed in. Please Log in with your SSO account. If you have not yet registered an SSO account, please do so here.
    Registration01.jpgYou are not a PI Developers Club member. Please proceed with Join Now! This is where you can initiate the membership process.
    Member.jpgYou are a member already. There is no need to register.



    Q: What are the meanings of the options on the registration page?


    1. Purchase PI Developers Club Subscription(s) is useful when you like to start engaging with the subscription process; this option is for cases when you do not have a voucher that is already paid for. If you do have a voucher skip to the next point. Fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory. Please note that you cannot change the email address because this information is taken from the SSO account with which you are logged in.
    2. Consume a Registration Voucher is the second step and is used by users who have received a subscription voucher and intend to claim a seat in PI Developers Club. Please skip to the latter part of this document to learn how to do so. Note that if you have already associated a voucher to your SSO account and like to consume more vouchers you need to contact Customer Service; this happens when you want to consume more than one subscriptions by yourself.
    3. Pay Partner Program Fees is for participants of the OSIsoft Partner Program. One of the benefits included with the Partnership is receiving a number of subscriptions to PI Developers Club. Partners do not renew their subscriptions directly but use the Pay Partner Program Fees option instead. Please contact your OSIsoft partner manager for more details.


    The rest of the processes will be self-explanatory. In all paths above there will be a final Review (Review and Submit/Review and Acceptance) page summarizing the information you have submitted. You will have a chance to change details before submitting.


    Q: Can I generate a quote?

    A: Yes! We've implemented the ability to print a self service Quote and/or Invoice. Follow the steps as if you want to Purchase PI Developers Club Subscriptions. Toward the end of the process and before making the payment you will be presented with a quote that you can print. Please thoroughly review Ship-to and Bill-to information as these will be used on Quotes and Invoices.


    Q: What are the payment options?

    A: With payment method Purchase Order (PO) you have the ability to provide a PO reference to be printed on the invoice. When your preference is Credit Card (CC) payment, you will receive an email asking you to proceed with CC payment as soon as your registration has been processed by OSIsoft.


    Q: What does Number of Seats refer to?

    A: PI Developers Club membership model is named individual. It means any individual user needs to have their own seat or subscription which corresponds to one voucher. For example, if you have 3 engineers who would like to take advantage of the benefits of the program you will need to choose 3 seats.


    Q: What does it cost?

    A: There are incentives for purchasers of 10 or more seats. For the pricing details please refer to PI Developers Club FAQ. Partners please talk to your Partner manager at OSIsoft or reach out to the Partners Team at .


    Q: Where do I enter my Discount Code?

    A: If you are given a discount code by an OSIsoft representative you can enter it in Enter Discount Code field on the page titled Item Selection.


    Q: What are the final steps in payment?

    A: Payment Comments is intended for information that did not fit into any other field. Please enter information you consider important and that are related to your purchase. Finally, please review the information and submit your registration.


    Consuming an existing voucher


    Q: I already have a Voucher. What should I do next?

    A: You will need to associate a voucher to your SSO account with OSIsoft. After you choose Consume a Registration Voucher you will be given the option to claim your seat and start using the benefits of your subscription. The Voucher Number is a 18 digits number (including 10 leading zeros.) In case you already have a subscription and like to associate more vouchers to your account please contact Customer Service.



    Q: I am already a member; how do I renew my subscription?

    A: All you need to do is to click on "View Subscription" as shown in the table above and then follow the steps on the following pages to renew your subscription. Note that if your subscription has already expired, your membership status will show as "Not a member", but you can still use the "online renewal process" to purchase new subscriptions until 2 years after your expiration date; the reason is to make the process shorter for you (new registration takes longer to complete). In that case you will be charged full new registration rate. If your subscription has expired 2 years ago or longer you will need to contact us at before you can start a new subscription so we reset your account.


    Q: The information I was hoping to find here was not discussed. Whom do I contact?

    A: Please send us your question by email to