PI System Time Synchronization - White Paper

Version 2

    Data synchronization is one of the biggest challenges in the real-time data collection business. Proper time stamping of the process data is crucial to allow the process engineer and other real time data consumers to correlate data coming from different data sources.  Only if the correlation is made under the same synchronization base will the engineers be able to understand the current sequence of process events.


    Proper time synchronization is critical to ensure the following:


    • Correlation of events between control systems and PI system data streams for event and process analyses
    • Elimination of data loss due to invalid (future) timestamps
    • Reduced risk of OSIsoft NOC monitoring failure due to time offset drift
    • Efficient troubleshooting process performed by either customers, OSIsoft NOC engineers or OSIsoft Technical Support engineers
    • Accuracy of enterprise level KPI calculations utilizing data collected from multiple systems


    The purpose of this document is to provide architectural design and PI System configuration recommendations which impact time services and synchronization.