Federated PI System Management - White Paper

Document created by srobertson on Mar 5, 2015
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As a PI System administrator, it is important to perform certain daily checks on key indicators to ensure that the PI System remains reliable. Completing these daily health checks serves two purposes.  First, it assists the system administrator with gaining familiarity of the normal operating state of the system and second it helps to quickly detect abnormal performance or messages.  Normally, these daily health checks would not be an issue if there were only a few PI Systems to check with the tools that OSIsoft provides.  However, if there are tens or hundreds of PI Systems then issues arise when trying to perform the daily tasks. 


The Data Archive 3.4.390 Introduction to System Management Guide (Monitor the PI System performance) and PI System Daily Health Check (KB00884) section on the OSIsoft Technical Support Web site already contains detailed information about the daily tasks.  The intent of this document is not to replace the information available in these resources but rather to offer a guideline on how to accomplish these tasks in a federated PI System environment.