Exercise 1

Version 2

    Exercise 1 - Once you have viewed the videos on querying data using PI System Management Tools, search for the PI Point that contains "DEP" in the name. Then, determine its current value, as well as the first 5 archived values that occurred starting 1 hour ago.


    Please note that it is asking for the first 5 values from 1 hour ago or later. If you get an error message, "-2147220186: Failed to retrieve events from server. [-12222]Not licensed to access Archive for passed dates. (Get Events)." please ensure you are searching for events counting forward in time (for example start time= t and event count: 100 rather than start time = * and event count = -100). There is a know issue (23514OSI8) when searching for events backwards that is specific to development licenses similar to those used in the VLE.