Exercise 1: Look up historical values, stale and bad PI points

Version 3

    Exercise 1 - Now that you have viewed the videos on querying data using PI System Management Tools, what uses of the Current Values and Archive Editor tool of SMT can you come up with, from a PI System administrator's perspective?



    • Search PI points
    • Check current values
    • Check historical values
    • Define a stale and bad point


    Task 1: Look up current and historical values

    • In the Configuring a Simple PI System - Cloud Environment, search for the PI Point that contains "DEP" in the name. Alternately, you can search for the PI Point(s) that contain certain characters in their names in your own PI Data Archive.
    • Then, determine its current value, as well as the first 5 archived values that occurred starting 1 hour ago.


    Task 2: Troubleshoot Stale and Bad PI Points