Exercise 2

Version 1

    Exercise 2 - Once you have watched the video on creating an element relative PI ACE Calculation, connect to your PI AF database and identify an asset for which you would like to build similar calculations. Then do the following:

    • Identify the AF structure against which you will want to build element relative PI ACE Calculation and copy that AF Structure beneath the PI Server Root element. Ensure whether the PI Module Database shows up the AF structure in the form of Modules.
    • Identify a few (4 to 5) PI AF attributes for the element relative asset and identify a business logic to be implemented against the selected asset.
    • Add one of these module context to the PI ACE Wizard. Add the input and output aliases linking up to the selected module’s properties.
    • Perform a PI ACE Calculation against the selected AF attributes. Use AF SDK to retrieve the AF Element pointing to the current PI Module Context.
    • Debug, Test and register the calculation to schedule the calculation to run on a periodic basis or naturally triggered. Verify that the PI ACE Calculation is in the started state using PI ACE Manager. From PI System Explorer, verify whether the AF Element attribute (PI ACE output alias) is updating as expected.
    • Now, identify the other AF assets that are based out of this same context and use PI ACE Manager to add the contexts to the existing PI ACE Module.
    • Using PI System Explorer and PI SMT Archive Editor, verify whether the associated PI AF Attributes and ACE output tag (s) are updating as expected to the calculation logic. Additionally, build an element relative display against the AF Structure and monitor the trends over a 1- day time period.


    * Please not that if your enterprise is currently not using PI AF server, you would not be able to do exercise 2.