Exercise 6

Version 1

    Exercise 6 - Once you have viewed the videos on PI ACE Recalculator, please do the following:

    • Identify a PI ACE calculation that needs to be recalculated. Build a trend to display to the input and output tags using PI ProcessBook.
    • Stop the PI ACE Calculation from the PI ACE Manager. Wait a few moments, until you observe that the output tag in the display has stopped updating.
    • Start the PI ACE Calculation from the PI ACE Manager and force a recalculation of the executable for the last 5 minutes.
    • Identify a few input and output PI tags for the selected calculation logic and add them as Input / Output variables using your PI ACE Wizard.
    • From PI SMT Archive Editor, verify whether the ACE output tag (s) was recalculated as expected to the calculation logic.
    • Refresh the PI ProcessBook display (built in step 1) to verify that the output tag was recalculated.