White Paper - PI System Backup - April2015

Version 1




    What is the recommended PI Backup strategy for the PI Server?  The answer is, “there is no unique PI Backup strategy,” because it is primarily a business decision and because PI System architectures vary from one customer to the next.  All of the available backup strategies have the same general approach: backup PI files and transfer the backup data to a safe location. From the PI server perspective, the strategy adopted will not significantly affect the PI server backup service configuration, but will change the way data will be stored and organized in a safe location for the backup.


    The PI Server System Management Guide already contains detailed information about configuring a PI Server backup task.  The intent of this document is not to replace the information available in the PI Server System Management guide, but to offer a guideline on how to define a high level backup strategy for the PI Server data.  For detailed instructions about PI Backup configuration, please refer to the PI Server System Management Guide.