What is the PI Champion Program?

Version 5

    At the 2015 Users Conference OSIsoft announces the creation of a new program we are calling the PI Champion Program.   To be an OSIsoft PI Champion is an exclusive membership program with the goal of strengthening the PI System brand in organizations, uniting PI expertise, and providing a deeper relationship between OSIsoft and our customers.  The PI Champion program is all about making connections between people so they can do great things that they couldn’t do alone.  It’s a place where PI System professionals, whether they be Customers, Partners, Alumni, or employees, can Connect, Share, and Succeed.


    The PI Champion Program has a number of goals and objectives, where some are loosely related.  That is, members in the program may elect to not participate in all options offered.  All of the objectives are designed to increase the involvement of customers and alumni with OSIsoft and the PI System.  The main objective of the PI Champion Program is to increase PI adoption through evangelism.  But anything that we can do to help you make the PI System successful is on the scope of the program.  Occasionally we will post content that will help our partners and customers get more value out of the PI System.


    We’re sure you have questions.  Post them here or email us at pichampions@osisoft.com .