"A Quick Win" - Online Learning! Thanks, Deschutes Brewery!

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    Thanks to Brian and Tim from Deschutes Brewery for their shout out to OSIsoft's Online Learning Resources during their 'Data Driven Brewing - Worth Sharing' talk at the 2015 OSIsoft Users Conference. With the help of online learning resources, these guys were able to hit the ground running after installing their PI System earlier this year, troubleshooting key issues within their process. If you missed this great talk, along with all the other amazing presentations from this year's User Conference, you can watch the recordings online soon after the event.

    beer intro.jpgbeer shout out.jpg


    Want to learn more about the different online learning resources we have to offer? Come find me at the OSIsoft Learning booth during the 2015 OSIsoft Users Conference's Product Expo on Thursday and Friday!


    Not at the UC? Feel free to check out the online learning resources on your own, including the OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel and the online courses available in Master PI! Feel free to post your questions here on PI Square!