Asset Based PI Example Kit for Oil & Gas Well Downtime Tracking

Version 4

    Platform: Windows           

    Version: 2015                


    Learn how asset-based PI tools have been used to implement a simple example of oil well downtime tracking. This .zip file contains multiple XML files for the creation of a templates- and hierarchy-only PI AF database and a second demo PI AF database with an Excel workbook demonstrating visualization of the tracking results. The kit also includes a User Guide and two videos to help the user get started. Use of this kit requires the following minimum software versions - PI Data Archive 2012, PI AF Server 2014 R2, PI Analysis Service 2014 R2, PI DataLink 2014, and PI ProcessBook 2014. (Updated 03-June-2015)


    Click here for the download kit:


    and watch the video here: Intro to the Oil & Gas Well Downtime Tracking Asset Based PI Example Kit


    Have suggestions or questions?  How have you used the kit? If the use case is similar to something you are working on, what changes or modifications have you made?