Exercise 6: Preparing a Secondary PI Interface

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Exercise 6 - Once you have viewed the videos on the basic configuration for a PI Interface, install the PI Interface for OPC Da and PI ICU on PIINT2 (or on your secondary development interface node), configure the interface to match the existing interface on PIINT1, including enabling the PI Buffer Subsystem*. Once configured, test that the PI Interface on PIINT2 can collect data from the data source as well as buffer and send data to both members of the PI Collective.


*Note: If you do not enable and configure buffer on both interface nodes properly, you will encounter the [-11414] error after configuring the interface failover. This is expected behavior of the PI Buffer subsystem (PIBufss) to maintain the integrity of buffered data by preventing an un-buffered application from writing to a point that is buffered by PIbufss. In our case, we know that both interfaces should be ready to write to the point in case of a failover. If you see the [-11414] error during the exercise, simply go back to the buffering wizard of both interface machines and verify the status of buffering.