Final Project

Version 3

    Final Project - To complete this course and receive a certificate of participation, you must complete a final project on or before the deadline specified at the beginning of your course by the course facilitator. This is generally the Friday of the third week of the course. The project deadline for the course is in your registration email. Additionally, if you have any questions about this, please contact your facilitator or ask on the discussion forums.


    In this final exercise, you will need to call upon all of the knowledge you have absorbed in this course. The object of this final exercise is to create an architecture document detailing the complete PI environment for your design. This architecture should encompass enough information to be the basis of a detail design document for your site.

    Your architecture document should include:

    • Network topology - A network diagram show the required servers and firewalls, with port requirements.
    • PI System - Data Archive(s), AF Server(s), PI ACE nodes (if applicable), etc. (feel free to use the FS - Architecture Diagram Template V3.0.vst or OSIsoft PI System Standard Servers and Shapes if you're comfortable working with Microsoft Visio).
    • Users \ Security - A list of types of users with their corresponding PI and domain permission.
    • PI Points - Approximately, the number of points and data rates for the points; group for convenience.
    • PI Interface(s) and their corresponding data source(s)
    • An approximate list of the number of AF elements required and list the attributes for different types of elements. Specify where the data for the elements’ attributes originates.
    • Calculate from the list of points and data collection rates, the archive sizes and the numbers of archives necessary for 7 years of data on line.
    • Redundancy and failover - The High Availability requirements of your design, including (if required) AF, ACE and redundancy for all interfaces.
    • Hardware – Specify the resources needed to meet the requirements of your design.
    • PI Visualization options - Describe the data flow of sample data from the data source to the CEO’s desk.


    Please remember that no extensions will be given for the final project. Additionally, no credit would be given for partially completed work, and no refunds would be given for failed projects.


    Note About Customer Data


    Absolutely NO customer data will be shared outside of the Student / Facilitator relationship. The facilitator will NEVER ask a student to share proprietary information with the class. Anything shared with the facilitator as proof of work will be destroyed at the end of the course.


    If however, you work on a generic project and wish to share it with other users on the community, OSIsoft can help facilitate that. This will be completely at your discretion and OSIsoft would take no legal responsibility.