Exercise 3: Setting Up the Search Crawler

Version 4

    If you are using Basic Authentication, you will have to switch to Kerberos Authentication in this exercise.


    Step 1: Set up the search crawler to index the PI Data Archive (that you have created the PI Points in the previous exercise).

    Step 2: Set up the search crawler to index the AF Database that you have created in the previous exercise.

    Step 3: What is the index update interval?

    Step 4: Construct a query to search for the following:

    • All PI Points with the word “CPU” in the tag name. Search only in the PI Data Archive.
    • Find all elements with the template name “Machines”.
    • Perform the above query, returning only the name, itemtype and webId of the result.





    Write an application (in any programming language) that perform a search based on the following user-entered information:

    • The query string
    • Field of the query (e.g. name, description, etc.)
    • The maximum number of results to return

    You should return some information based on the search results

    • e.g. Name, Item type and WebId


    Your application should look something like the following. (The following is built using the ASP.NET MVC Framework, where the search query is performed on the web server using Kerberos authentication.)