Exercise 4: Building a Dashboard

Version 1

    Build a dashboard in any programming language for the AF Database created in Exercise 2. The dashboard should have the following specifications:

    • Contains a plot for at least 1 time series dataset.
    • Allow the user to select the element to plot.
    • Allow the user to select which attribute in the element to plot. Only populate attribute with time series data that can be shown in a graph (e.g. filter for attributes with value type of single).
    • Allow the user to enter the start and end time of the plot.

    As a start, you can develop something similar to the screenshot below. (The following is written in JavaScript using the JavaScript plotting library Flot. Feel free to experiment with different plotting tools.)





    • Plot multiple time-series datasets in the same plot (e.g. to compare machineA with machineB’s percent CPU over the past day). Try to get the datasets from PI Web API in bulk.
    • Build a dashboard and allow users to show other types of values (e.g. location of the machine).
    • Allow user to write a new value to the selected attribute.
    • Feel free to use your own database!