Asset Based PI Example Kit for Utilities Cost Management

Version 5

    Platform:     Windows          


    Version:      2016          


    Learn how asset-based PI tools have been used to implement a simple example that calculates and tracks the cost of the most common equipment and building utilities – gas, water, and electricity. This example kit contains XML files for new units of measure and a PI AF database with templates, an example hierarchy, and configuration for demo data. A PI ProcessBook display and a User Guide are also included.

    The 2016C version of this kit contains updates to the units-of-measure, renaming of several attributes, and changes to the usage calculations.

    Use of this kit requires the following minimum software versions - PI Data Archive 2016 R2, PI AF Server 2016 R2, PI Analysis Service 2016 R2, PI System Explorer 2016 R2, and PI ProcessBook 2015.




    Have suggestions or questions? How have you used the kit? If the use case is similar to something you are working on, what changes or modifications have you made?