UC 2016: Join the Advanced Programming with PI AF SDK TechLab

Version 3

    Don't forget to sign up for the Advanced Programming with PI AF SDK TechLab at UC 2016. Two separate sessions will be held on Days 3 and 4.


    Here are the skills you will learn:

    How to use the new query search objects! No more custom chunked paging code. Instead, write simpler, faster code like the below using AFElementSearch

    foreach (AFElement element in elementSearch.FindElements(fullLoad: true))
    // Process element


    How to use the new Task-based asynchronous RDA calls to prevent threads from blocking during I/O

    How to use typed AF Values to avoid boxing/unboxing

    How to find "trending" or "top N" AF Elements using AFDataPipe

    How to use an "AFProbe" class to measure client and server-side RPC durations for performance measurement of AF SDK code

    How to measure and optimize memory usage of AF Elements


    What you will receive:

    A working VM environment

    A sample AF Database

    Lots of sample code and worked out exercises!