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Explore how asset-based PI tools can help you monitor the status, health, and performance of your IT assets. The IT Asset Monitor AF Example Kit  is developed as a starting point to gain visibility into the operation of IT assets by monitoring them with the PI System.


This kit contains:

  • AF Element Templates with the ability to create and configure PI Tags for standard IT Monitor PI Interfaces
  • An example AF hierarchy and an instructional video to demonstrate implementation of the included templates
  • An example PI ProcessBook display for visualizing IT asset status, health, and performance
  • A user guide with instructions and an overview of all aspects of the kit


The included AF Element Templates can be used to build an AF Element hierarchy around your IT assets. These templates then have the ability to create and configure PI Tags for standard IT Monitor PI Interfaces, including Ping, TCP Response, Performance Monitor, and SNMP. By implementing this kit, you will be able to efficiently and actively monitor your IT assets in real time. Furthermore, historical data will allow you to detect and track reoccurring issues, or troubleshoot problems based on the asset's history.

The IT Asset Monitor Toolkit inspires those with a working understanding of the PI System to improve visibility into their IT assets. It can help you track statuses like availability and uptime, or performance like network speed, memory usage, and disk space. This valuable data can lead to reducing system downtime, simplifying your troubleshooting process, and reducing costs due to damaged or ineffective devices.


The kit is not intended to provide a complete solution for monitoring your IT assets, so the included AF Database should be reviewed, modified, and built upon to better fit your system, your assets, and your data. We release this kit to all customers and partners with the hopes of the community contributing any modifications or additions they make! Share with the AF Community Library!


For details on how AF and this kit are used to monitor IT assets, watch Introduction to the IT Asset Monitor Toolkit. For help implementing the kit around your system, watch Implementation of the IT Asset Monitor Toolkit.

Feel free to to ask any questions, share how you have implemented this kit, or share and discuss any modifications and additions you made to the templates! Become part of the community!


The IT Asset Monitor Toolkit can be downloaded here: IT Asset Monitor Toolkit (AF Asset Based PI Example Kit) 


Official add-ons:

  1. PI Data Archive Monitor Display - An IT Asset Monitor Toolkit Add-on


___________Updated ___________

UPDATE 3/18/2020
It has now been 4 years to the day since I published the IT Asset Monitor Toolkit, and I have some exciting news for those of you that are looking into using PI to help monitor your IT assets and PI infrastructure components!
The OSIsoft Success Services team now has a new service offering as part of the OSIsoft workshop services, in which they will help you enable your PI System to monitor your PI System infrastructure. They do this with the help of a much more updated and enhanced version of the original IT Asset Monitoring Toolkit. With new templates for the core PI System components and functions, you'll be able to monitor PI Interfaces and buffering, PI Data Archive, PI Asset Framework, PI Vision, Asset Analytics, PI Notifications, and much more! Additionally, there will be added Asset Analytics to the templates for calculating useful KPIs and rollups, as well as PI Event Frames and PI Notifications to help capture and proactively inform you of problems with tips on troubleshooting the issues. All of this will come together to enable you to analyse your real-time and historical health across a broad landscape of PI and IT assets, including being proactively aware of issues as they occur.
The PI System Monitoring Toolkit is only available through an OSIsoft workshop services engagement. If you would like to schedule a services engagement to help implement this PI System monitoring toolkit, please work with your OSIsoft representatives, and ask for a PI System Monitoring workshop.

More information can be found here: PI System Monitoring (PSM) from OSIsoft Success Services 

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