TechCon 2016 - Advanced Programming with PI AF SDK

Version 4


    This is the material for the Advanced Programming with PI AF SDK Lab held during TechCon 2016.


    The exercises cover the following topics:

    1. Finding and Loading Assets

    2. Measuring AF Server RPCs

    3. Using Typed AFValue

    4. Asynchronous Data Access

    5. Real-Time Analytics


    Exercises 1, 3, and 4 require AF 2.8 or higher.



    The presentation and the user-manual are attached to this post.


    The Visual Studio solution that contains both the exercises and their solution is available on GitHub:

    GitHub - osisoft/PI-AF-SDK-Advanced-Programming-TechCon2016: TechCon 2016 lab exercises


    It includes

    • Visual Studio Exercises,
    • XML of related AF Database(s)


    Click "Download Zip" on the right-side of the toolbar or fork and clone to your local repository.


    Any comments and questions are welcome in this thread.