Exercise 2 - Select CBM Methodologies for Your Asset

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Exercise 2 - Once you have viewed the video on Not authorized to view the specified discussion 2256, think about what you’d like to do and what information you can use. For each piece of equipment you’d like to monitor, select the CBM methodologies that you think would be most appropriate to follow and then answer the corresponding questions:


  • Incipient Failure Detection – What happens to the piece of equipment when it begins to fail? What process variables does the failure influence? What changes are noticeable first? How can you use these process variables to evaluate if the equipment is not functioning within normal operating conditions?
  • Condition Monitoring – What process parameters or diagnostic tests can you evaluate? What are the equipment’s known limits that you can compare operating conditions to? Can you use rate of change to determine when an asset is failing?
  • Condition Assessment – What inputs can you use to build the equipment’s criticality score? Which factors should be more influential (weighted more) in the assessment? Write out a sample assessment and rubric for each factor. At what final score do you think you should address an asset at using this sample equation?
  • Condition Based Maintenance – How do you currently handle work orders? Do you already have a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in place? Could you use run hours, run operations (number of starts\stops) or run tonnage (material handled) to trigger maintenance requests?


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