Exercise 2: Who and What Else Needs Access?

Version 3

    Exercise 2 - Once you have viewed the videos on What are Identities, Mappings, & Trusts? (High Level PI Server Security Map) , PI Data Archive Security Deep Dive Map- Security Areas, Defaults, & Customization, and Demo of Custom PI Data Archive Security Plan in Action, you will have a basic understanding of how Active Directory users and groups are to be mapped to PI Identities, and through those PI Identities, receive different security permissions to perform different tasks within the PI System.


    The goal of this exercise is to think about what users and groups you have in your organization and what kinds of PI System tasks they will need to perform. After consideration, make a list of these users and groups and determine what permissions they will need to perform those tasks. Additionally, note any applications like PI Interfaces or client tools you use in your PI System and what tasks they will need to perform.