Exercise 5

Version 2

    Exercise 5 - Once you have viewed the videos on Setup Custom Security on PI Points for Both Users & Applications and Configure Minimum Permissions for PI Interfaces and Buffering, create PI Identities on PISRV1 for your PI Interfaces and Buffering. Additionally, create any needed mappings and trusts for these two new PI Identities. Note that trusts should only be used for API connections (mainly PI Interfaces) and should always be 2+ (restricted to by machine name or IP as well as a specific application).


    There are already two interfaces (PI Interface for OPC DA and PI Interface for Ping) installed on the PIINT machine with instances created and configured to send data to PISRV1. Thus, once you're done setting up the needed permissions on PISRV1, you can open the existing PI Interfaces using PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU) on PIINT, start the PI Interfaces targeted for PISRV1, and see if the PI Points on PISRV1 associated with those PI Interfaces begin updating.