Exercise 5: Securing Interface Access

Version 3

    Exercise 5 -Once you have viewed the videos on Setup Custom Security on PI Points for Both Users & Applications and Configure Minimum Permissions for PI Interfaces and Buffering, create a PI Identity on your PI Data Archive for your PI Interfaces and Buffering and give this identity the database security permissions "PIPOINT (r,w)". Next use PI Builder to give your PI Interfaces and Buffering identity the required permissions to read and write data to all PI Points that start with "OPC." this should include 30 PI Interface for OPC PI Points. Finally, map svc-piinterface and svc-pibuffer to this newly created PI Identity.


    If you're using the Configuring PI Data Archive Security - Cloud Environment, there is a PI Interface on PIINT01 that is using the svc-piinterface and svc-pibuffer accounts, so log in there and use PI Interface Configuration Utility to start it and verify that it begins to update your OPC PI Points.


    If you're not using the Cloud Environment and using an environment with a PI API installation older than PI API 2016, you will have to use PI Trusts instead of a PI Mapping to allow your interface to connect.