Final Project

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    Final Project - To complete this course and receive a certificate of participation, you must complete a final project on or before the deadline specified at the beginning of your course by the course facilitator. This is generally the Friday of the third week of the course. The project deadline for the course is in your registration email. Additionally, if you have any questions about this, please contact your facilitator or ask on the discussion forums.


    For your final project, you need to create a custom security plan for your organization and either a) model it in your Virtual Learning Environment or b) your own development PI System. You may use the same worksheet shown in Create a Custom Security Plan with our Online Course Security Plan Worksheet  (Configuring PI Data Archive Security Online Course - Security Plan.xlsx NOTE: You do not need to include IP address or machine names in your spreadsheet if you plan on sharing it with your course facilitator), or you may create your own map to record your domain users\groups, the PI Identities you'll associate with them, the permissions you'll assign to each PI Identity, along with any mappings or trusts you will configure.


    The following aspects should be included in your final plan's implementation:

    • Custom domain groups and/or service accounts that mirror those of your own organization (please feel free to ask for the facilitators help setting these up on your domain controller if you need assistance)
    • At least 3 custom PI Identities mapped to different domain groups, each with their own set of relevant database security and PI Point permissions
    • Custom PI Point security (both data security and point security) for each type of data in your PI System
    • At least 1 PI Interface connecting via minimum permissions. Recall that these minimum permissions are different if you are or are not using buffering (see KB00833 - Seven best practices for securing your PI Server for more details)


    To submit your project, please write a document (MS Word, PowerPoint, or other) explaining the security model you’ve created, along with several screenshots of the configurations themselves. In addition to your write-up, you may also ask the facilitator to log into your Virtual Learning Environment to further examine your security model (if desired). Please submit the project via e-mail directly to your course facilitator.


    Please remember that no extensions will be given for the final project. Additionally, no credit would be given for partially completed work, and no refunds would be given for failed projects.


    Note About Customer Data


    Absolutely NO customer data will be shared outside of the Student / Facilitator relationship. The facilitator will NEVER ask a student to share proprietary information with the class. Anything shared with the facilitator as proof of work will be destroyed at the end of the course.


    If however, you work on a generic project and wish to share it with other users on the community, OSIsoft can help facilitate that. This will be completely at your discretion and OSIsoft would take no legal responsibility.