Configuring PI Data Archive Security Online Course VLE Troubleshooting

Version 1

    Unfortunately when individual configurations in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) are launched, some issues with the virtual machines may emerge. Typically this has to do with the machines and/or programs trying to communicate with one another before the machines are fully created/started, especially if it involves communication with the domain controller.


    For most issues, the simplest solution is to restart each machine (excluding the domain controller, machine name DC) once the VLE is initially launched so each machine can startup normally. You should only have to do this once, when the machines are first created and launched.


    Below are some of the specific issues you may see upon launching the VLE and how they can be resolved. Again, the easiest way to solve all the issues below is to restart all non-domain controller machines.


    1) You do not see any displays on the PI Coresight homepage (in the VLE, this is http://picoresight/coresight). I.e. your PI Coresight homepage looks like this:

    Additionally, the PI Coresight administrator page shows you are unable to connect to your PI Data Archives (in the VLE, this is http://picoresight/coresight/admin; check while logged on to the PICORESIGHT machine):

    When you check services.msc on the PICORESIGHT machine, you should see that the PI Web API service is not running:

    However you receive an error when trying to start the PI Web API service:

    Since we are using a custom service account for PI Coresight and we have Kerberos delegation enabled, we need certain SPNs to exist. Unfortunately when the virtual machines are cloned and your particular VLE configuration is created, these SPNs for the PI Servers on PISRV1 and PISRV2 are lost. When you restart the machines PISRV1 and PISRV2, the missing SPNs are automatically created:

    Now you should be able to see the displays on your PI Coresight homepage:

    Additionally, your PI Data Archives and Asset Framework (AF) Servers are visible when creating a new display:


    2) When trying to search for a data item in PI Coresight, you do not receive any results for items that you know to exist:

    When you check services.msc on the PICORESIGHT machine, you should see that the PI Web API service is not running:

    Start the PI Web API service:

    Now you should be able to successfully search in PI Coresight.


    3) If you check your PI Coresight administration page, you see an issue with PISRV1. Please note that this is expected at the beginning of the course as you have not yet configured proper PI Data Archive security on PISRV1 to allow PI Coresight to connect. You will do this during the course


    If you have any additional issues in your Virtual Learning Environment and have already restarted all non-domain controller machines and gone through the troubleshooting items above, please contact your course facilitator or