Webinar: Engaging Stakeholders with PI User Groups

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    Engaging Stakeholders with PI User Groups
    Tuesday, August 16th, 2016


    We've heard you: To do a really valuable project with the PI System, the organizational challenges often drastically outweigh the technical difficulties. You want to get executive sponsorship. You want to get buy-in across different departments. Or you want to get different sites to use the technologies in the same ways.


    In this webinar, we dive into one strategy for addressing organizational challenges: forming PI User Groups within your company. We'll highlight the feedback we heard about user groups from OSIsoft's Customer Advisory Board and the challenges our Enterprise Program Managers have seen customers face. We'll cover the key components and the basic approach to launching a PI User Group. And we are very excited to have Bob Wesolowski joining to share the motivations, experience, and early results he has seen from forming a PI User Group at APS.


    This webinar will cover:


    • The benefits and challenges to forming a PI User Group
    • The real world example from APS.
    • Resources you can leverage for help.



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    Speaker info:

    Baleegh Niazi
    Enterprise Program Manager


    Bob Wesolowski
    Sr. Systems Analyst/Integrator



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