PI Interface for ACPLT/KS has been released

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PI Interface for ACPLT/KS



With this release, the PI Interface for ACPLT/KS is now available in two different options: a new read-only option and an update to the already-existing read-write option.

The read-only option is strongly recommended for installation if updates to the data source are not needed (that is, it does not allow output points). The read-only option provides the best defense against accidental or malicious changes to the control system because it cannot write to the data source.

The read-write option retains the ability to write data to the data source (using output points) and is an update to previous installations of this interface.

For more information on these two interface options and how to switch from the read-write option to the read-only option, please see the Read-only versus Read-write Interfaces FAQ document.


New Features


  • Improved automatic recovery when neither of the referenced ACPLT/KS servers is reachable – a startup parameter has been added that may be configured to disable writing NO DATA digital state.
  • Less nuisance failover due to data calls longer than 10 s - timeouted calls have been implemented to the ACPLT/KS Server.



UniInt Enhancements


  • Security updates
  • Least privileged account support – Interface services are now allowed to run under an account with the least privileges required, and limit the rights of the account to access resources.
  • Improved performance - on disconnected startup point caching.






Components and Supported Operating Systems


  • Supported on Windows (Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8, 10, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Server 2012)
  • PI Interface for ACPLT/KS - ICU Control
  • PI SDK 2014 R2 (
  • PI API
  • PI Buffer Subsystem


You can access all the interface specific information on the PI Interface for ACPLT/KS details page.


Known Limitations


Windows Server 2003 - is not supported with this release



Self-extracting EXE (Contains Interface, ICU Control, release notes and manual, plus PI SDK 2014 R2 ( and PI API


PI Interface for ACPLT/KS Install Kit (Read-Only)

PI Interface for ACPLT/KS Install Kit (Read-Write)

Interface Release Team