Asset Based PI Example Kit for Mineral Processing

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The Asset Based PI Example Kits are designed to help you learn how to apply asset- based PI to common, industry-specific business objectives. 


In this example kit, multiple aspects of a mineral processing facility, including toll ore delivery, grinding and recovery circuits, are monitored. Safety and environmental targets are tracked, downtime and production slowdowns are captured, and metrics such as reagent cost, metal recovery, and overall equipment effectiveness are calculated and “rolled up” for a high-level view. For more details on this kit, see the video on PI Square: Introduction to the Asset Based PI Example Kit for Mineral Processing.


This kit contains:

  • Example templates and analyses
  • A representative AF structure
  • Sample reports with demo data
  • Optional Power BI Reports
  • A starting framework for you to customize with your own assets and analyses


Use of this kit requires the following minimum software versions:

  • Data Archive 2016
  • AF Server 2016
  • AF Analytics 2016
  • Microsoft Excel with PI DataLink 2016
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop (Optional)


You can download the Example Kit here:


The Asset Based PI Example Kits help those with a working understanding of the PI System gain inspiration to solve their own business objectives. They are available to all of our customers and partners as a learning tool.


Have suggestions or questions? How have you used the kit? If the use case is similar to something you are working on, what changes or modifications have you made? Start a discussion!