Getting PI Data into IBM Watson using PI Web API

Version 1

    The IBM Watson platform offers a variety of analytic and cognitive services that can be used to derive additional value from PI data.  There are several ways to bridge the divide between your PI system and the IBM environment.  This white paper explains how to call PI Web API from an IBM Bluemix web service.  Bluemix is IBM's cloud platform and it is fully integrated with Watson services.  Once PI data is in Bluemix, the various Watson services can be used to analyze the data.  The results can then be pushed back to PI through PI Web API. PI Web API, being a REST interface, can be called from a Java-language Bluemix web service using Basic Authentication.  This white paper walks you through the process of writing a Bluemix web service in Eclipse Java EE edition and IBM Cloud Foundry Tools for Eclipse.  In particular, you will find out how to:


    • Ensure PI Web API is prepared for use with Bluemix
    • Create a starter shell for a Bluemix service using the App Accelerator
    • Create web methods in Java
    • Call PI Web API methods using Java classes
    • Perform Basic Authentication from Java
    • Submit PI Web API results to Watson as Json text
    • Convert PI Web API results to typed objects in Java using the Javax package Json serializer