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Dear PI Developer Community,


We are excited to offer you a public PI Web API endpoint. The purpose of this public endpoint is to:


  • Provide developers access to a PI System who may not be able to access PI otherwise
  • Create code samples against the public endpoint and to host them under OSIsoft organization on GitHub
  • Offer developers a playground to exercise with PI Web API
  • Create a streamlined way to offer datasets in a PI System


We like to start off simple and enhance functionality over time. There’s currently not much data available but we plan adding more over time. In the beginning, we will limit access to read-only with a single set of credentials. We are continuously discussing the options to make this offering more attractive but need to learn how stable and reliable the endpoint will turn out to be. The initial scope is as follows:



We encourage you to test your existing REST clients or to create new ones. You can find some helpful information for calling PI Web API, at the PI Web API Useful Links Nexus.


We like to learn from your experience; so we encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions here with the community. If you have a question about how to programmatically access the public endpoint, please start a "new" question at RESTful PI System Access space. In case you find the public PI Web API endpoint unresponsive or otherwise in bad status, please drop us an email at



The public PI Web API endpoint is intended for research and development purposes under the terms detailed in the PI Developers Club Agreement.
Although we are planning to continuously support and enhance the public PI Web API endpoint, we cannot guarantee data quality, availability nor a time period within which issues will be fixed.

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