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    Chapter 3.- Integration of Time and Data - Infrastructure Data Engineering and Analysis = IDEA Strategy



    Chapter Three.

    Enterprise Industrial Data Infrastructure capabilities for aiding the
    process industries

    The Mission of the Plant is to fulfill the strategy of the corporation, but to do it in such a way that increase the chances of the plant surviving when the next storms hits. 

    Arie de Geus, The Living Company

    What is an Enterprise
    Industrial Data Infrastructure?

    Peter knew he was starting a discussion about digitizing the processes at ProcIndustries in general, and at the South Texas refinery in particular. To do this, the team will be using an object-based asset infrastructure that enables equipment, assets and employees at a facility to communicate with each other about activities in the processing facility. By isolating these activities in time – making them discrete events that can be analyzed for the performance of the process and the quality of its results the team can use data to pursue a continuous improvement effort.

    Peter began the refinery team meeting by telling his colleagues about the experience of Tim Olsen, the operations manager at the South Texas Plant, and what happened on the stormy afternoon when an electrical transformer blew.