HackDavis 2017 (UC Davis) - January 21-22, 2017 Hack Report

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    HackDavis 2017 (UC Davis) - January 21-22, 2017 Hack Report

    Report by John Matranga, et. al.

    The Academic Team and Developer Support Teams combined with UC Davis Facilities/Utilities to help sponsor and engage 600 students the event.
    HackDavis focused on Civic Hacking for Education, Health or Environmental benefit.  OSIsoft partnered with UC Davis
    Facilities/Utilities group to host the campus data set to drive the “OSIsoft Challenge - Best use of the PI Web API”.
    Once again, the partnership with UC Davis proved to be important to both UC Davis and OSIsoft as the expertise about the data provided by UC Davis was a
    great value and both OSIsoft and UC Davis enjoyed the resulting innovation.

    A total of 10 teams submitted projects for the OSIsoft prizes.


    You can see their projects here:



    A total of 6 OSIsoft data based projects obtained prizes from OSIsoft, ESRI or the Overall HackDavis Judges.

    1. Smart Sensor - HackDavis Environmental Challenge Grand Prize
      The team used two Photon devices to keep track of occupancy in a room and then used PI to augment the visuals. The work they did was
      impressive, the use of PI was included, but this was mostly a hardware hack with PI to value add the information.
    2. Rain Drop, Drip Drop – Best ESRI Project.
      The site in ArcGIS showed water use by building on an ESRI map via PI Data.  The map showed current values and delta of
      compared to last week.
    3. Davis Powualizer – HackDavis Best Mobile App.
      Provides a quick visualization of each building's EUI usage as a color spot on the ArcGISAPI built map. All the data
      was serviced via OSIsoft PI Web API.
    4. OSI Can You See – OSIsoft 1st Place
      The team built a fully-functional Python/R based website, with a KPI overview page comparing this week to previous weeks,
      a gradient calendar showing changes in energy over time, and a capstone energy flow map showing energy sources and uses.
    5. Power Surge – OSIsoft 2nd Place
      The team built advanced analytics, via use of data and numerical methods. The team calculated the FFT for historic energy use. This resulted in discovering energy
      cycle frequencies due to underlying building equipment cycles. Needing to have clean data for analytics, they also found a method to discover all the bad sensors, and bad streams over a time range, which would be really useful for discovering data outages, etc.
    6. CEEDR – OSIsoft 3rd Place
      This team pulled data into R, for statistical analysis.  Views included building locations with energy usage over time, energy as a function of age of building,
      building complexity, etc.  This team also started to connect PI to Amazon Alexa to ask “What is the energy used in the
      ARC building now”, but was not able to complete this part of the effort.


    UC Davis is going to keep in touch with some of the hackers, and potentially implement some of their projects into http://ceed.ucdavis.edu/#!/ campus
    visibility, or internally for UC Davis researchers.  HackDavis also saw Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, ESRI and other campaniles take part at the event.
    The HackDavis team appreciated that OSIsoft/UC Davis team was the best represented, prepared and most dedicated team to the event. OSIsoft was the
    only company to support the event for the full 24 hours.  The UC Davis team did a preview to help motivate the hackers here:



    Many thanks go out to the core “Iron Man” OSIsoft support team who supported the whole event at very technical levels. They only took a 3 hour break each during the
    night.  Also very special thanks to the UC Davis Facilities/Utilities Team.


    Pictures from HackDavis 2017

    HackDavis takes over the Davis ARC Basketball Arena with 600 Hackers + Sponsors

    Left to Right: UC Davis Utilities, OSIsoft Mentor, UC Davis Students, UC Davis Facilities


    Hack Davis OSIsoft 1st Place - OSI Can You See App Team and Screen Captures

    Hack Davis 2017 1st Place.jpg

    Power Flow Source and Uses


    Large Query View for Power Use


    Last Week in Review (Swipe Right/Left for Assets Views)


    OSIsoft 2nd Place - Power Surge

    Hace Davis 2017 2nd Place.jpg

    FFT Review of Data on an Asset


    Sensor Errors

    Sensor Error.png

    OSIsoft 3rd Place - CEED-R

    Hac Davis 2017 3rd place.jpg

    Energy as a function of building age (left side) and complexity (right)

    Amazon Alexa Code - Almost got a skill going to get the energy for a building from PI.

    Energy Intensity in GPS Layout with nice slider

    Other Winners of Prizes who used OSIsoft PI Data

    Smart Sensor - HackDavis Environmental Challenge Grand Prize

    Rain Drop, Drip Drop –Best ESRI Project

    DavisPowerVisualizer – HackDavis Best Mobile App