UC EMEA Hackathon 2017 - werusys cologne submission

Version 4

    The werusys visualisation for Vitens Water, displays the main status informations for

    their network elements on an street map chart. The geolocation informations are extracted from

    PI AF, where they exists and combined with quality and runtime status informations

    (quality analysis or runtime data f.e. pumps). Additional to the status, multiple attributes could be displayed, f.e. temperature

    or further analysis data as a timeline.

      A main feature is a time slider, where the user can go back in time, to have a look into the past.

    In case of a water contamination, a diffusion through the network, could be easily detected. It's

    posible to extend this solution f.e. with a heat map, to track a temperature flow through the network.

    Unfortunately we hat not enough time to do a further implementation of this idea. Furthermore

    we had to adjust the PI Web API calls to be more performant, to get a direct response to time changes.


    Sources: GitHub - werusys/Programming-Hackathon-OSISoft-UC-London-2017


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    Slides: https://github.com/werusys/Programming-Hackathon-OSISoft-UC-London-2017/blob/master/EMEAUCHACKATHON.pdf


    PowerPoint: https://github.com/werusys/Programming-Hackathon-OSISoft-UC-London-2017/blob/master/EMEAUCHACKATHON.PPTX