What is the format of this online course?

Version 1

    This course is self-paced for your convenience. Thus, there are no live components to the course, nor are there are required login hours. Please use the video lectures for instruction along with the course exercises to gain hands-on experience working with key concepts.


    Suggested timeline:

    Typically you would spend the first two weeks consuming the video lectures and completing the exercises. Each exercise in this course includes the estimated time of completion. We suggest you spend the final week completing the final project. If you're registered for a paid session, there will be a course facilitator to answer any of your questions throughout the course or help you come up with an idea and implementation for your final project, just as you would have access to an instructor in an in-person course.


    Most importantly, get involved in the discussion forums here on the PI Square community and interact with your peers and experts both at OSIsoft and other organizations, post questions, answer questions posted by others, and overall help each other learn as you would in a classroom environment.