Where to Find Additional HELP for AF SDK

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The Most Important Thing

Given that there is so much more to learn and discover beyond what is covered in this course, the most absolutely important thing for you to know is WHERE TO FIND HELP.  There are several online resources to aid you in that endeavour.


Live Library Online Documentation

The first and best resource may be the Live Library Online Documentation.


Here is a sample, partial screen shot.



For general knowledge of PI Data Archive, PI AF, and related tools, you may want to click on PI Server.  However, for the topic of this class, you may be extremely interested in scrolling down the page from livelibrary.osisoft.com to find the Developer Technologies section.




From there you will be able to explore and learn more about much of what has been discussed in this course.


The online help for UI controls is fairly sparse.  However, the help file should be accessed locally on your PC at %PIHOME%\help\AFUIRef.chm.


PI Square / PI Developers Club

The second resource may be the PI Square forums, and in particular the PI Developers Club space, where you are encouraged to review or post any code-related questions.  There are many blogs, white papers, discussion threads, and other technical resources.  You may search for related questions and hopefully see code examples.  And you may ask public questions of your own.  Just post a snippet of your own code and let the global PI Community help answers.  Think of it as crowd-sourcing of PI Geeks!



A third resource, particularly for PI AF SDK code, is GitHub.com.  While there is a GitHub user named OSIsoft, any person in the world - including YOU - may submit their own code to GitHub within your own account.  There are a lot of GitHub repositories available.  The one issue is that GitHub's search is not optimized to on OSIsoft terms, so you may need to issue several searches to find what you are looking for.  Some suggestions:


Sample GitHub Searches


You will note that every search may return results beyond what you are searching for.  For instance "af sdk" returns some repositories that have nothing to do with PI AF SDK.  And searching on "OSIsoft" may return repositories using other PI Developer Technologies such as PI Web API.  But the more curious among you may discover some very nice bits of code to learn from and incorporate into your own applications. To summarize the best places to find help on PI AF SDK code:


  1. Live Library (except UI controls at %PIHOME%\help\AFUIRef.chm)
  2. PI Developers Club
  3. GitHub.com