Exercise 1 - Asset Maintenance Strategies in Your Organization

Version 2

    Exercise 1 - Once you have viewed the videos on Introduction to CBM (specifically What is Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)? and Steps to Enable Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) with the PI System), list what types of maintenance strategies you’re currently performing for various assets in your organization.


    Additionally, think about what data you and other end-users already have access to versus what you’re missing:

    • Are thresholds and limits for your equipment readily known or available in your organization?
    • Do you have other contextual information (non-process data) associated with your equipment (nameplate information, where an asset is located, how it’s involved in a process, etc.)
    • Are these values stored in your PI System? And if so, who can access to this information?


    Please take a moment to share your answer and review your peers' answers in the discussion forum: Asset Maintenance Strategies in Your Organization