Exercise – Exploring the Components of PI Vision Display Design

Version 4

    This solo or group activity is designed to maximize learning in a specific topic area. Your instructor will have instructions and will coach you if you need assistance during the activity.



    • Identify the location of the tools required to build a PI Vision display


    Problem Description

    Match the components of PI Vision, shown in the following screenshots, to their appropriate task. Do this by trial and error or with the help of the PI Vision User Guide which is accessible by clicking on 12.1-HelpButton.pngat the top right corner.

    Part 1 – In a Display I want to…

    1. Draw a line ____
    2. Copy selected symbol(s) _____
    3. Add a link to another display _____
    4. Save the display _____
    5. Arrange selected symbol(s) _____
    6. Toggle Design mode _____
    7. Insert a picture _____
    8. Undo or redo last action _____
    9. Paste a previously copied symbol _____
    10. Delete selected symbol(s) _____






    Part 2 – In a Display I want to…

    1. View the list of Attributes on an Element _____
    2. Search for a Data Item (AF Element, AF Attribute or PI Point) _____
    3. Create a Trend with time series data _____
    4. See Event Frames associated with the data _____
    5. Insert an Asset Comparison Table ______
    6. Insert a Table _____
    7. Navigate through the AF hierarchy _____
    8. Insert a gauge _____
    9. Find a Graphic to add to the display ____
    10. Insert the current value of a Data Item _____


    Part 3 – In a Display I want to…

    1. Change the duration of the display _____
    2. Set the end time of the display manually _____
    3. Change the start time of the display _____
    4. Set the display to end now _____
    5. Shift forward or backward in time _____




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