Exercise –Monitoring All Vital Measurements

Version 1


    • Search for data items in PI Vision.
    • Add symbols to display in bulk.


    Problem Description

    You are interested in building a PI Vision display that shows all the vital measurements of the four tanks of OSIsoft plant (or your own plant) in one place, for the past 4 hours until the next 15 minutes



    Step 1: Build a PI Vision display including the following symbols for the key measurements of each of the four tanks:

    For both
    Mixing Tank1 and
    Storage Tank1


    Display Symbol

    Internal and external temperatures

    A single Trend

    Levels and Level_Forecasts

    A single Trend



    Asset Names


    Production Area

    Asset Name


    Production Lines

    Asset Names



    Step 2:    Repeat the procedure for Production Line2

    Step 3:    Add shapes and images to complete the display (perform a quick Google search to find some images if needed)

    Step 4:    Change the start and end time of the display to the desired values mentioned above.

    Step 5:    Remember to save your display as <Initials>_Production Area Dashboard


    One example of what your Display might look like is below. There are many possible solutions – yours does not have to look exactly like it!



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