Exercise – Create a Dynamic Dashboard to Monitor Your Tanks

Version 2


    • Create a PI Vision dashboard using dynamic symbols.
    • Create a collection with symbols


    Problem Description

    You would like to have a dashboard which shows the key pieces of information for our tanks or for your own assets. The operator would like to see only tanks that are overheated at any given time. They also need a summary table that lists the installation dates and asset locations for all of their tanks.


    Step 1: Build a PI Vision display including the following symbols, utilizing the Collection symbol:



    Display Symbol

    Asset Name




    External Temperature

    Value (Multi-State Use default values but change colors)

    Internal Temperature


    Internal Temperature


    External Temperature


    Installation Date

    Asset Comparison Table

    Asset Location


    Step 2: Edit Collection Criteria to only show overheated tanks (Internal Temperature > 150°F), add an Asset Attribute to the Asset Type.

      1. How many tanks were overheated at 8 am today? _____________
      2. How many tanks were overheated at noon yesterday? _____________


    Step 3: Save your display as Tank Temperature Dashboard <Initials>


    Bonus: Modify the collection to include more graphics and a multi-state symbol such as a gauge for the pressure.


    An Example is below:



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