Exercise – Using URL Parameters and Hyperlinks

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  • Use URL Parameters to create links to PI Vision displays


Problem Description

The operations team reports that there was an issue early this morning from noon yesterday until midnight today with Mixing Tank1. They need to visualize the data during this time period.



Step 1: Open your Tank Temperature Dashboard  <Initials> display. (If you are working with your own data, open the dashboard from Exercise – Create a Dynamic Dashboard to Monitor Your Tanks )

Step 2: Enter Design mode and right-click and choose Modify Collection.

Step 3: Right click on the Tank Graphic and choose Add Navigation Link…

Step 4: Leave the Action as Open hyperlink to another page and click the Search for displays… link. Search for your <Initials>_Tank Details display

Step 5: Save your display.

Step 6: Test the link.

Step 7: Make the display read only by placing it in Kiosk mode. Append &mode=Kiosk to the end of the URL.


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