Exercise – Manage and share your PI Vision Displays

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  • Work with different options available in managing PI Vision displays


Problem Description

Your corporate PI Vision homepage has a long list of displays shared by others. You also have a lot of wonderful displays that you would like to share with your team members. You want to make the management of your displays and displays of your interest easy and label your displays in a way that your team members could find them easily.



Earlier, you built a PI Vision display and named it <initials> Tank Dashboard. Find it from the homepage by searching for it.

Step 1: Share your display with everyone (World), so that everyone else can view it. If your user ID ends in an odd number (ex. Student05) then also share your display with Operators. If your user ID ends in an even number (ex. Student08) then also share your display with Engineers.
Step 2: Add the keyword of VPSD to it (stands for Visualizing PI System Data)
Step 3: Choose 2 or 3 colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple) and add those as keywords. Be sure to separate keywords with a semicolon (;).
Step 4: Find all of the displays that have the label of VPSD or that match one of the colors you chose. Pick your favorites and add them to your favorites list.


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