Exercise –View PI ProcessBook displays on Your Desktop Web Browser

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  • View a PI ProcessBook display in PI Vision


Problem Description

A set of tablets were recently purchased for your process engineers. They find the ElementRelativeTankDisplay display you built for them extremely helpful so you want to make this display accessible from their tablets (which do not have PI ProcessBook). If you are working with your own PI System, you will need access to the PI Vision shared folder to complete this exercise.



Step 1: Make a copy of your Element Relative Tank Display and name it ElementRelativeTankDisplay_<your initials>.PDI file and move it to the PI Vision shared folder.

Step 2: Check the PI Vision Homepage, under the ProcessBook Displays for PI Vision folder. Make sure you see your PI ProcessBook display.

Step 3: Open this display and examine the historical data for the Internal and External Temperature of Mixing Tank1. Click on the trend to maximize it.

Step 4: Change the time range of the trend by clicking on the left and right arrows or by typing the start and end times in their boxes. Click on the 8h button and change the time range to one day.


Step 5: Switch to Mixing Tank2 for the display in PI Vision by appending the following to the end of the URL:
?CurrentElement=\\PISRV1\OSIsoft Plant\Production Area\Production Line2\Mixing Tank2

Step 6: Switch to the other two storage tanks.

Step 7: Use the "Ad Hoc Display"  feature to create a new PI Vision display.


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