2018 April Global Webinar: Enabling Your Community to Increase Efficiencies

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Please download the attachment "OSIsoft Q&A April2018 Webinar.pdf" below for the complete document.


Q: Can the data stored in a CMMS system such as Maximo be connected to the PI System to analyze data similarly to how you described in slides 42-43?

A: SPS: Yes, we have connected to CMMS systems to populate component events and repair data in ORAP. OSIsoft has the capability to interface with virtually any data source and would be our preferred method for connecting to a CMMS data source.

Q: Are there any plans to improve the security of PI System data transmission from asset locations to a remote/cloud PI Servers? Currently, communication from PI Interfaces to the PI Server is trough TCP, which requires VPNs setup, etc. Are there any plans to make this SSL?

A: OSIsoft: OSIsoft is developing a new set of cloud-based offerings that expand the capabilities of existing on-premise PI System. These offerings require use of SSL/TLS ciphers for communication with remote/cloud based endpoints. Existing PI System implementations automatically support message integrity and privacy ciphers through Windows Integrated Security even if hosted in a remote/cloud based server. The technical details are described in KB01092 – PI System and Data Encryption.

Q: What decisions can you make after the analysis process (data validation in ORAP)? For example: when is potential optimal time for renovation of a gas turbine?

A: SPS: We look at time between inspections and time to perform for the gas turbine. We also track major upgrades and retrofits and the impact that they have on the output, availability, or reliability of the plant. Many plants use this ORAP community data to provide input to a cost-benefit analysis.

Q: Every stakeholder from the Edge to the Community aims to address the same problem statements and claim near the same business benefits. How can the collaboration between Asset OEMs, Analytics & Connectivity solution providers, and End Users be forged?

A:  SPS: ORAP is currently working with both the Asset OEM’s and the End users who operate their products to share the data in a confidential manner. The objective is to create a level playing field for the owner/operator where they have access to information outside of their own plant. At the same time, the Asset OEM requires community data to implement product improvements, provide customer support, and prioritize engineering issues.

Q: Is there a community with benchmarks for water treatment plants? The community information seems very large for power plants. Is there the same robustness for water utilities?

A:  SPS: We have a number of large desalination plants reporting to ORAP, but the sample for these units versus power plants is much smaller. ORAP is designed to track information on large scale capital equipment. It does not matter what the equipment is, as long as there is a community of owner/operators who are willing to share the information in a structured manner.

Q: How is OSIsoft planning to leverage AI and machine learning?

A:  OSIsoft: Our position is to enable companies doing ML and AI versus delivering specific AI and ML capabilities for industrial operations. Our focus is to deliver analytics ready operational data leveraging the huge knowledge base of trusted, quality and contextualized data held in the PI System. With AF and EF we provide the critical context that allows organizations to structure data reliably for analysis. The PI integrators simplify the Data Engineering that is need for the Data Scientists and ML projects. Moreover, the PI Integrators remove the most arduous data processing and cleansing challenges so the operations data is ready quickly for ML and AI initiatives.

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