OSIsoft Black Belts Update (Version 1)

Version 1

    We are excited to announce the release of the OSIsoft Black Belt Initiative!

    What is the Black Belt initiative?

    OSIsoft Black Belts comprises of people who have an exemplary grasp of AF/EF/Analytics for solving operational initiatives, templates, examples of calculations and approaches, hierarchy design, etc. The goal is provide a community of experts to help drive adoption, build community, and share information to help each other and influence the OSIsoft development process. 


    The AF Black Belt user group will exchange information and best practices related to AF, EF, and Analytics implementation and use to solve customer problems and initiatives.  It will also provide the customers in this group more influence on development items.

    This program will consolidate information that is already available in different locations on the OSIsoft websites as well as create new content and discussion forum on using AF/EF/Analytics for solving operational initiatives, templates, examples of calculations and approaches, hierarchy design, etc.


    Status Definitions

    Company status  - The customer company will receive a Black Belt status based on its use of the PI System and how it leverages PI AF, Event Frames, Analytics, PI Vision, and Integrators.  The initiatives are typically driven by a few individuals at each company.  These individuals will receive either a Green Belt or a Black Belt status; the difference between these is outlined below.

    Green Belt - This is awarded to individuals who have sponsored and supported PI System deployment and initiatives.

    Black Belt - This is awarded to individuals that have been directly involved in building and deploying the PI System for their company or as an OSIsoft partner implementing for other companies.  The company must be making extensive use of AF on many initiatives, such as leveraging Event Frames with Notifications, extensive analytics, and leveraging PI Vision, and using of the PI Integrators.


    PI World Conference in EMEA Fall 2018

    User Conferences - AF Black Belt Session

    Proposing to have our first face-to-face session during the PI World Conference 2018 in EMEA, where presentations from this group will be featured, both OSIsoft and Customer.  OSIsoft Product Management will have presentations/discussions on key products, like AF, Analytics, Integrators, etc. will present a more detailed roadmap.


    PI System Black Belt Group

    • This group will have higher level access to upcoming AF/EF/Analytics features and roadmap (stay tuned for more details).
    • A location in the AF Community Library where the users/OSI can have a central place to share information.  Links to pertinent sites in PI Square will be also located here.
    • Have a Webex meeting twice a year with OSIsoft product management. The meeting should be between 1 to 2 hours long and be on no more than one or two topics for each Webex.  Please send the management team below your main topic you would like to discuss for the first Webex.  (The timing for the Webex is in the June - July time frame, stay tuned for more details.)



    Companies will be inducted into the PI System Black Belt Group by the Management Team and will have special privileges outlined above.  The first wave of inductees will be contacted right after the PI World Conference 2018 in San Francisco.  Please send nominations to the Management Team for companies and individuals you feel should be considered for this group.  Thank you.


    For questions, suggestions, comments please reach out to:

         PI System Black Belt Management Team

    Martin Bryant

    Brent Bregenzer

    Brian Deslatte

    Ales Soudek