Exercise 3: Adjust Tuning Parameters for Other PI Data Archive Subsystems

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Exercise 3 - Some tuning parameters only take effect at startup only, meaning that you need to stop and start the PI Data Archive after changing the tuning parameter's value in order for it to take effect. Using the Configuring a Simple PI System - Cloud Environment, on PISRV1, add a directory in the E: drive called "Queues". Using SMT, change the tuning parameter Snapshot_EventQueuePath to "D:\Queues". Then, stop and start the PI Data Archive using the command prompt as shown in the previous video. Once the PI Data Archive starts, you should see queue files in the new event queue path directory.


For non-Cloud Environment users, choose a tuning parameter on your PI Data Archive that does not use the default value. What is the purpose of this tuning parameter? What are the defaults? Under what conditions do you think you would have to alter the values? What considerations would you have in resetting this?


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